Aude Herlédan

Aude Herlédan

Aude Herlédan was born in 1966 in Paris. After spending her childhood in Kinshasa in Congo and her adolescence in Paris, she continued her studies in London. Aude Herlédan then had a decisive encounter in her life which led her to study applied arts, that of Samuel-Francis Clapp, an American art collector, who shared her passion for the arts. She entered the École Estienne in Paris (École Nationale des Arts Graphiques), from which she graduated in 1989. That same year, Aude Herlédan also won the Parsons School competition in New York.
In her life as in her creations, Aude Herlédan has always sought to broaden her horizons, both by travelling and by meeting new people. After finishing her studies, she went to live in Recife and then in Manaus, Brazil, in an artists' community. She then led artistic missions for the UN in Nairobi, Kenya. During 1990, Aude Herlédan made numerous photographic reports in East Africa, in collaboration with the Kenyan Ministry of Culture.
Back in Paris in 1992, Aude Herlédan embarked on a career as a creative director in an advertising agency, where she designed campaigns for major international brands. In parallel to this stimulating career, she took courses in nude drawing at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris and in art history at the École du Louvre. During all these years, Aude Herlédan never stopped developing her artistic expression through painting and sculpture. Her sources of inspiration are multiple, and her curiosity is nourished by all forms of artistic expression, literature, dance, cinema, music, photography...
Aude Herlédan now lives in Paris and in Sologne, where she has her ateliers. Her work is represented in Palm Beach and Atlanta by Jennifer Balcos Gallery and by 8 other international galleries, including the Rosenberg&Co gallery in New York. Her work can also be seen at major international contemporary art fairs and events. Her work is followed by many collectors, curators and designers from the five continents.

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